Wood-Aluminium Windows

The Advantages of Wood-Aluminium Series coatings

  • Is a new-generation single-layer coating, printed with a synchronised grain.
  • Is a valuable veneer used in the finest contemporary interiors.
  • Adds more value to your window, perfectly blending in with the furnishings and doors of every room.
  • Highly resistant to abrasions, scratches and stains and perfectly retains colours with no alterations following exposure to light.

See the Advantages

The Advantages of Wood-Aluminium Series coatings
Indicator Innovative Solid coating Traditional Liquid paintwork
Even finish
Consistent thickness
Colour fastness following exposure to light

Wood-Aluminium Windows Series

The magis40 series is characterized by the clean slim and elegant design.Renewed simplicity and functionality that evolve through the pursuit of clean, minimalist shapes combined with the rational use of natural raw materials.

The Standart series is characterized by the classic, traditional look of the exterior lined aluminum profile. It allows for double or triple glazing. Economical variant with excellent insulation properties and all the advantages of Silk coating

The Flat series is characterized by the clean lines of the lined aluminum profile. Triple glazing can be installed up to 50 mm wide. A modern facade vision backed by the best insulation performance.
 Flat Series profiles allow you to choose between two coatings:

- “Silk” - Synchronized, embossed laminated coating
- Natura - Natural veneer coating

Lifting and sliding doors are an excellent solution. Aesthetic and functional. They create an extremely spacious environment as they have no limit on the size of the opening. Sliding doors can be integrated and combined with any other type of opening and can be adapted to any design.

Termoscudo is a system with built-in XPS profiles placed between wood and aluminum. The XPS profiles used have special additives with which we achieve thermal conductivity of the wooden profiles Uf = 0.82 W / m²K.