Ventilated Facades

Ventilated Facade Systems

This system for facades is designed for gluing of cladding materials on to façade construction without requiring any mechanical elements, such as rivets. VARIO Glue offers a wide range of main profiles and brackets, as well as facade claddings. ETEM solutions are compatible with leading adhesive suppliers.

VARIO Fixings is one of the ventilated façade systems designed for mechanical fixing of cladding materials. Suitable for visible mounting of thin, smooth façade materials using rivets/ screws.

BRAVO W is an optimal ventilated façade system for large, flat façades, ensuring fast, secure installation of cassettes made from aluminium composite materials (etalbond®) and metal sheets. The system allows for movement of façade material, as a result of thermal expansion without, compromising the secure attachment of the cassettes.