Aluminium Windows

Our Aluminium Windows Series


Optimised for maximum structural stability while using minimum aluminium. Profiles are reinforced at the load bearing points. Very broad set of profiles and typologies. Aesthetic options with straight and round design. Possible application of burglar resistant hardware up to class RC2. Glazing in frame up to 40mm.

One of the most developed, and best optimised, solutions that combines both standard slide and Lift & Slide functionality, E50 is considered by ETEM partners to be best in class. With unique capability for such an elegant solution, E50 can accommodate sash weight up to 400kg, allowing almost limitless application.

A heavy duty windows system with high-end structural and energy conservation performance. A flat design ensures the system caters to modern aesthetic concepts. High performing in even the toughest environmental conditions. Specially designed gaskets and insulators ensure reliability and energy efficiency.

Mullion transom curtain wall system with 50 mm profiles front view. Suitable for all types of buildings (low, mid and high-rise).
With its wide variety of profiles this versatile curtain wall system can be adapted to meet the requirements of any project.