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Our goal is to deliver high quality, individual and aesthetic products to you, our customers. This is ensured by our team. We guarantee commitment to each project and a willingness to assist you and answer all your queries and questions. Your time is valuable, which is why we have developed a closed cycle from order through production to assembly.

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Wooden windows are for the refined taste. The benefits of wooden windows are laid in the material, from nature. They create a cozy and warm feeling in your home. As a natural material, wood has the exclusive property of absorbing and imparting moisture.

Our joinery is produced as a combination of two materials that naturally complement each other. Aluminum is characterized by its strength, durability and easy maintenance. Wood is a natural and extremely aesthetic material with excellent insulating properties.

The advantages of aluminum windows lie mainly in the properties of aluminum as a material. Aluminum is characterized by its strength, durability and easy maintenance. Practical material unlimited in colors and textures, successfully blending in with any facade and architectural style. Aluminum windows successfully introduces a modern and elegant style thanks to their clean lines.

Solid wood doors
Wood veneered doors
MDF Lacquered doors
Laminated doors

Ventilated facade systems are a type of building enclosure designed to allow the attachment of various facade materials to the building.
The ventilated facade systems are based on the principle of natural ventilation, which is achieved through the air gap (4 to 8 cm) between the facade material and the thermal insulation of the building.